Drobo Data Storage

MyIntellects™ is a Drobo Certified Partner for their entire line of storage solutions.

For those of you that are looking for a simple, scalable, and reliable storage solution, we have some great news. The Drobo product line is designed to ensure data is always protected, accessible, and simple to manage, but in addition to that, it will save you time and money!


What Is a Drobo?

Meet your new storage solution, the safe and expandable Drobo. It’s so simple that anyone can use it, yet powerful enough for business. Drobo connects to your computer or network and provides redundant data protection without the complexities of traditional RAID.

Dynamically expand storage any time. Drobo currently holds up to 36TB, depending on the model, using any combination of 3.5″ disk drives or 2.5″ drives for the Drobo Mini. The Drobo family offers Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, Ethernet, iSCSI, and other connectivity options, so you get the data protection you need along with the speed and interface you want.

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Redundant Protection, No Headaches

Drobo provides the redundant protection of much more expensive storage in a format you don’t have to configure or manage. Drobo BeyondRAID™ technology, built into every Drobo, delivers all of the benefits of traditional RAID, leaves many of the limitations behind, and brings together enhanced protection, reliability, expandability, and ease-of-use.



Incomparable Expandability

With Drobo, buy just the storage you need now and expand it as the amount of data you need to store grows. Mix and match drive brands, capacities, and speeds. Replace your smallest drive with a larger one and immediately use the new capacity in a matter of seconds. It’s as simple as inserting the new drive into an empty slot or replacing a smaller drive with a larger. Expand up to 16TB on a single volume as larger drive sizes become available. Drobo creates one large storage pool. Dive in and eliminate the need for multiple external storage drives and devices.

Storage on your Terms

Safety access and quick access go hand in hand with Drobo. Whether you’re directly attached to your personal computer, sharing files with others over the network, or backing up a business application—Drobo’s the best choice.

Drobo connects to Mac, Windows, Linux, and server virtualization systems with ease. Everyone can take advantage of simple, powerful, and complete Drobo data protection.

Plug In Peace of Mind

Just plug in Drobo and your data protection is ready. Add disks at any time for additional protected capacity. Drobo can even solve problems by itself. Lights on the front tell you what’s happening—if you can read a traffic light, you’re already a Drobo expert.

Drobo Mini
Portable, high-performance storage for professionals
Number of drive bays: 4
Interfaces: 2x Thunderbolt, USB 3.0
Drobo 5D
High-performance, desktop storage for professionals
Number of drive bays: 5
Interfaces: 2 x Thunderbolt, USB 3.0
Drobo 5N
Networked storage for connected home, home office, or small office environment
Number of drive bays: 5
Interfaces: 1 x Gigabit Ethernet


Drobo Dashboard

Drobo Dashboard is the new management application that enables you to get status on and configure all your Drobos in one window.

Capacity CalculatorUse this interactive tool to estimate the amount of data storage available in your Drobo.

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