Website Services

MyIntellects provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. Everything you need to start and grow your online presence.
Planning & Consultancy

Your website presents your brand, your business, your products, and services 24 hours a day to potential customers who will form their opinion about your business and organization based on the quality of the presentation. After which they will use this information to compare you against your competitor.

Done right, your website may be your greatest marketing and a lead generation tool.
Do it the wrong way, your website may cause more harm than good.

Building a strong online presence is more that just putting a website together.
Too often, websites fail to produce favorable results due to poor planning executed by individuals who lack the proper skill sets to fully appreciate and understand how greatly a website can impact your brand.

Sadly many make the all too common mistake of delegating this endeavor entirely to an IT Staff or web designers with little or no understanding about brand communication or online marketing concepts and strategies. These organizations all end up having one thing in common, a website that does absolutely nothing for them other than incur additional cost.

The MyIntellects web team is a think tank of talented team members each holding a degree either in business management, marketing, multimedia, communication arts or information technology all working together with you to ensure that your website is more than just a piece of code over the internet but a real asset that creates value for your organization and to the people you aim to serve.

Domain Name & Web Hosting

Domain ownership is easier,faster and secured.

Online property ownership has seen a substantial growth in recent years and growth will continue as more and more people move their businesses online.
Learn about your domain’s potential to drive traffic and plan on revenue generation activities with MyIntellects™  domain name portfolio. We can evaluate and appraise your domain so that you can maximize the opportunity and create a sizable market share for your Brand.

MyIntellects™ can build your brand.

Design & Development

We create value when we design your website.

Marketing effectiveness is one core strength that you should  consider when developing your website. The design and and interactivity between you and your customers is a must in getting your message across. The business gained from effective brand communication is no longer a one-way street, this is why MyIntellects™ reinforces your brand with Social Media Integration.

at MyIntellects™ you can consistently build brand equity.

Maintenance & Management

Creating a website is one thing, keeping it running is another.

Traffic information and user content that goes through your site are critical in executing your online strategy.  Spam and other unwanted data that goes through your site takes up space and eats up your resources.  We make sure that your site can meet the demands of  your customers from all over the world.

When we deploy your website you can be sure that your brand visibility is managed by time tested methods in keeping your website up 24/7 .

Manage your upkeep with MyIntellects™ Maintenance Services

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