Outsourced IT

When your company reaches a certain size – maybe 30 employees or more – you may start to think about hiring your own in-house IT support person.

Whether this makes sense or not will depend on your specific business circumstances. Whatever you decide, MyIntellects offers fully outsourced IT Support covering a comprehensive range of IT functions and skills to meet your every need.

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Why Consider An Outsourced IT Service?

Before hiring your in-house IT Support Person, consider the benefits of MyIntellects’ Outsourced IT Support. If you prefer to keep your overheads down, or are simply weighing up an outsourced service against your in-house option, your main consideration will be the cost of employing the full-time IT person and the range of skills and experience they can bring.

The key factors you should consider include:

  • Cost: A permanent IT Support staff member will cost P30,000 – P60,000 per month, depending on experience (excluding benefits)
  • Skills needed: The less experienced the person, the narrower their skills base will be
  • Training requirements: You will need to train your in-house support person on new technology areas
  • Management overhead: You will need to find the time to manage your new member of staff/department
  • Holiday cover: You will need to make arrangements to cover holidays, sick leave and other absence

Why use Outsourced IT Support?

If you choose to use MyIntellects Service as your outsourced IT Support partner, we will provide you with a dedicated IT Support Engineer who can work remotely or onsite at your offices. Your dedicated Engineer will be part of an experienced wider team and able to call on the additional skills as needed.

In addition we:

  • Have established processes and systems in place to deliver support for a vast range of IT technologies and systems
  • Have more resources, knowledge and experience available than a single person could offer
  • Can react very quickly when you require support
  • Can support multiple issues at the same time to spread the load
  • Don’t go on holiday or take days off sick  – so your business will be supported 24/7/365
  • Our monitoring systems will always be on the ‘look-out’ for any IT issues and will alert us as they arise


How does it work?

When you decide to outsource your IT Support to us, we will assign a dedicated IT Support Engineer to your business.

We will agree with you what services and activities your Support Engineer will carry out on behalf of your company, and a fixed price and term for the outsource contract. We’ll also agree reporting requirements, invoicing arrangements and management guidelines.

The benefit for you is that you’ll have your own IT Manager who is responsible – along with the wider team here at MyIntellects – for the proactive management and support of your business IT Systems.

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